Shock therapy 

Elected on in the US and one in New Delhi. Thanks you India for taking such foolish steps. We cut the branch on which we are sitting. 

Trump win projects  quality of moral and ethical value humans carry nowadays. He has risen the global danger due to his denial. He will be punishing the vegans too. This should be openly said because he is going to affect my country and my people. We are going to get drowned in the river of destruction and inhumanity. We all know that America is one of the most seductive powers in the world. 

Here back in India, we are facing a shock therapy of the shifting of our currency value. Well this step contains pros and cons in it self. I agree this should have been done because to remove corruption, of course. People are facing charges for investing money more than 2.25lacs, yes! Now this is what I call using powers in an effective way. 




6 thoughts on “Shock therapy 

  1. I was only going to “like” your post, but let’s look at this quote: “Trump win projects quality of moral and ethical value humans carry nowadays.” That’s a very accurate observation of moral and ethical decadence, not only in the US where it is very pronounced, perhaps on par with European Nordic states, but world wide. This decadence was pushed on the world by the US primarily, and also by the dwindling but still effective power of the British empire. I call it Western devalues. There is more, of course, to the Trump win, and it may be that Clinton’s loss is of huge benefit to mankind. That mad politician was willing and ready to trade nukes with Russia in a mad bid to secure the very shaky base of the US Hegemon over the world. The US power is in a tailspin and nothing will stop it. The best Americans can hope for is that Trump, by some miracle, does call back the troops, does close down dozens of military bases, and does spend more tax dollars on the home from to rebuild the shattered US economy and industrial base. A tall order which the powers in Washington and Wall Street will oppose. They want war, whether it’s in the Middle East, or between Pakistan and India, or with Russia, or China. War is how they make their grossly immoral profits and it’s a pattern now with them. They can’t stop themselves – it’s more than madness or insanity, it’s their way of life. There are two sides to Trump. I’d say let’s give him some time settle in, and if he doesn’t get assassinated (I’m sure that’s on the Neocons’ agenda) he may actually do something good for Americans – AT HOME. And that would be good for the rest of the world as it gets a break from continual war-fomenting from Washington. Personally I have to wish that he’ll stop militarily funding Israel and Saudi Arabia, and I don’t care what his reasoning would be if he does it. Just some random thoughts from your post.

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    1. Trump is a person going to destroy the vegans which is an alert. I see the predictions going true,how is it going to be bipolar world? The environmental issue comes, where we all know by heart that killing animals is a result to ecological imbalance. He is going to slaughter the beautiful wild horses in America and look there is no petition yet lodged. If trade relations improve between the two ex- superpowers Alliance system will be born again. He won’t do that probably of closing down the military bases as he himself is in a threat plus US spends most of its economy on hard power. Opposition from Wall Street, powers in Washington will be there but what would be his reaction to this? War leads to benefit of the third country which is not at war. Trumps tweet was tagged to Mr. Narnia modi about “let’s start” – together.


    2. Sorry the send button kinda got pushed. So it was the Indian prime minister- Mr. Narendra modi is going to walk hand in hand with Mr. Trump,suggested the tweet. If he takes a U-TURN from his claims so maybe cross fingers America is on a safer side. Otherwise those days are not far of his assassination. Military funding may stop. These countries Saudi Arabia and Israel are rich in oil countries. It’s a boon to US.


      1. Let’s just see where it all goes. There is much to the US that has been hidden from Americans and from the world that will reveal itself soon enough. It is a dying entity, as a world power. Just wait and see.

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