Rational and irrational thoughts-2

I recently wrote a post on the same above and was raised with questions which I wouldn’t like to elaborate long on the comment section rather on a new post so more people could instantly reach to it. This post is dedicated to A Hungry soul and Swapnil Vibhandak who have a close watch and great analysing power then I know of anyone else. So here it goes.

Everything is by the word of god so I am merely translating it to English and interpreting it myself. The question Was- At times thousands of thoughts arise yet they do not leave a lasting impression on mind and on the other hand one irrelevant thought arises, yet it leaves a strong impression in mind. What is the reason for it? Well certainly, what I write is what I believe so yes,

The reason is ‘Gun(good quality or trait). The word itself is very heavy and carries divergent meanings with it with different people interpreting it differently. Being a Hindu I have relied on the belief of ‘Maya'(what is known as the fundamental substance of creation or what houses the souls and earthly elements) or ‘Prakruti’. All human beings are affected by influence of one of the three combinations of guns:

1) Sattva gun- goodness and awareness

2) Rajo gun – passion and desires

3) Tamo gun- darkness, ignorance or laziness.

These guns bring different types of moods in a person.

So when the thoughts occurs in the presence of Tamo gun induce is state similar to that of unconciosusness, deep sleep. Which is yes conscious in the fundamental body of soul where passion and desires exist. It’s not deniable. Therefore these thoughts do not leave a lasting impression because unconciously the thought disappears and consciously it’s fundamental.

Coming to the Predominance of Sattva gun a person experiences the state of awareness, therefore any disturbing thoughts occurring are dispelled by thinking because a person consciously carrying gun of goodness and awareness eliminates disturbing thoughts. Therefore, that too does not leaves a lasting impression either.

However, when such disturbing thoughts occurr in the prevailing Rajo gun when the mind carries desires and passion it leaves a lasting impression. Because consciously or unconciously the quality or Rajo gun prevailing supports and fits the very thoughts which are disturbing or filled with desires complete the puzzle of Rajo gun settling the impression long lasted in mind.

Of course it’s not how we control our thoughts but the way is to analyse and recognise which thoughts are predominant at that particular time to be able to recognise the gun predominant at that particular time to immediately know your thought process. It is not, however, possible to grasp each thought and catagorize some of which are heavy and superficial can be distinguished in the presence of thousands of subtle thoughts arising in the course of day.


Rational and irrational thoughts

At times thousands of thoughts arise yet they do not leave a lasting impression in the mind. At other times, only an irrelevant thought arises, yet it leaves a strong impression in the mind. What can be the reason for this? How can one eliminate such disturbing thoughts?

In the word of god:-

The reason is influence of traits of good quality. Thoughts occurring when unconciosusness and ignorance is predominant is a state similar to that of deep sleep. Therefore, those thoughts do not leave a lasting impression in mind.

When quality of goodness prevails which is characterized by detatchemnet towards the world a person experiences the state of awareness. Therefore any disturbing thoughts occurring at that time are vanished by thinking and those thoughts do not leave a lasting impression either.

However, when the quality of passion is prevalent characterised by desires for worldly it leaves a lasting impression on mind.

Therefore the reason some thoughts do leave a lasting impression in mind while others do not, is due to the prevelance of different qualities.

If one examines these thoughts when they arise one will be able to recognise which quality is predominant at that particular time.

However subtle thoughts that arise repeatedly from moment to moment cannot be grasped by anyone. At the most some may be able to distinguish two, three, or four of the most superficial thoughts that arise during the course of the day.

Day 2- Three day quote challenge

I have been a staunch follower of my lord since day one of my life or maybe the time I was unborn. So here is a quote from the Bhagwat Gita I would like to share on the second day.

Well the quote if analysed deeply does not mean to become a complete saint or abandon the worldly activities. It is below that. The world is driven by hatred, fear, lust, and all the bad things which seem as something everyone of us is attracted to. If we go to the roots of the three “W’s”- why, what and when, we actually discover the detachment we should have and the solution of all our distractions. People who live the life in the influence of the physical world and yet manage to tackle their desires are the strongest people on earth. They actually reach the ultimate and can conquer oneself or ‘I’m which is hard to do. The conclusion is what is simply written in the quote above, shutting the physical world(control desires which want external illusions) and control the mind(of everything, of its demands and it’s wants) which leads to your ultimate and only freedom.

Three day quote challenge

I first want to thank my fellow blogger anaidasultana for nominating me for this challenge which I am grateful for. She is a mesmerizing blogger who writes beyond regular thoughts about life and takes our human minds to a journey of fantasy more like real. Her writings also have a spellbind interpretation about various personalities and positivity. She also feeds us with stories, smiles and what not. Overall, it shows what a human being is she inside out!

I gladly accept the challenge and would be posting three quotes for three days with the interpretation of its very core meaning. So here it is:-

This quote is deeper than I read. It talks about life, about self, and also about our values. The person who keeps a hold on ethics and values provided wheather the worst of the circumstances hit in life, he/she can overcome them with a conclusion of a better tommorow. Though it may be hard to be diffrent and to adjust with others who have different perspective and a diffrent background, the respect for each other and the non interference in their privacy also keeps us on the good level of maturity. The quote above fetched the finest example of comparing trees with humans, trees specially having “strong” roots like strong humans who keep ourselves on hold with our thoughts and ways of tackling situations in a more easy way rather then fluctuating here and there. There is more to interpret and more to dig deeper into this simple small quote. It’s stronger then we know and deeper then we dig.

Here I want to nominate three of the bloggers who I would love to know more about their interpretation of their favourite quotes:-

Moushmi Randhanpara

Siddharth bhati

Swapnil Vibhandak

Cows and Girls

The internet has been flooding with demands of justice for the two most controversial cases of rape that occurred in India. A very important reminder to everyone that these cases were though brutal and moved hearts to dreadful situation with an increase in agitation among our very people but there are several cases that take place here in the country which remain apprehensive.

Of course the cases which were used for I don’t know- political gains? looks like that. With a quick pace in no time the cases turned highly into a religious war and ideological conflict. People have been writing of how a Muslim girl could be raped in a Hindu temple, which is ironic of seeking justice, when all they care is the location. Well, the news is that she had been raped for several days and murdered in the forest and then thrown into the temple. The mud on the body which was found proves it. The people polishing the facts say that the place is open and usually crowded with worshippers around which makes the fact impossible that she was raped and drugged in the temple for so long. There is an another group of folks who say that-“India is a country where cows are more protected than girls.” Obviously, its clear to me that many of them just copy-pasted the statement and uploaded on social sites without even thinking of the core of what they say which by the way has no base in validity. The same group states that-“Here religion does not matter of the girl, the brutality and suffering caused should be seen.” Did you get what’s funny in that?

Well, our country is dominated by the religion called Hinduism which for years has been worshipping cows as mother and are sentimentally connected to it. Now that it is a free country and everyone holds a right to openly speak about things here I am holding a right too. The statement which clarifies the superiority given to cows then girls provokes the very war of religion which exists among our people. There actually is no existing or written degree of who is superior among them. There are few people struggling to get females to an equal status to men, in the same way there are people who are struggling to save cows. In both the cases humanity and sentiments are sub roots. We know that there are people who are emotionally attached to animals and that they are not even called animals but given the status of a mother, and girls are given a status of goddess Lakshmi herself.

Giving such statements creates and adds more soldiers to the never ending religious war that has been existing for decades. It is kind of a direct message that cows are just numb animals having no life and low value than humans. Like what do you mean by that? Considering humans superior to animals? Where is that written? Or what is your mentality of considering such a thing? If here you want to measure, discriminate and catagorize between what is superior and what is inferior(at least what my mind interprets) then you stand no where in the intellectual population. That’s more like a degraded and childish opinion on hold.

Our girls are not safe in the country not because of attacks that are done by animals but because of men who cannot control their ever licking tongues of lust and desires which remain unfulfilled. We need more stricter laws but it doesn’t have to do anything with the government it starts with citizens. The idea of considering any type of struggle less important shows the decline of intellect and narrow mindedness. No struggle is lesser of more, everyone fights for themselves to gain a product out of it an save their trauma for something even worse. The people who ask justice for Asifa should not deny and spit on the Gau rakshaks and common people owning and breeding cattle. What happened is a unblinding of motives behind rape, which has no option for us females more than being more careful for ourselves in the home and outside. We ought to carry so repellents and self defence materials when our hearts speak that we aren’t safe in the streets and inside. That is practically the least we can do. Further more we can ask for justice by raising our voices.
In the same way the right to eat will not be challenged, yes. But that does not mean that people would stop struggling to save cows which is a mother to them as like their daughters. Also by this I don’t expect a Zootopia Yo be created. It hurts me when such statements are said about cows, what can you do least about it? Nothing actually. I can speak for others that’s all. And here I am speaking. Writing. Thinking. It’s deeper than you think. So the statement comes back to just one quote-“everyone in this world you pass by is fighting and struggling, be kind to all.” Also that the most brutal thing a human can do is to mock at innocence. Which applies at the two words of my title.

Don’t try to become gossipers and create your own stories of what is better and what is best. It’s diffrent if it opens a leisure for you. It’s equal to heartbreaking out of love. Always do what you can do about such complicated things rather then-“aag mei ghee daalna”( pouring ghee into the fire, to increase flames).

Hope you understand every word of it more than what I have written. Have a great day ahead.

Let us.

Let us drain our cursed bloods to the gutter.
So that people stay quite of our sinned mutter.

Let us live a life which does not belong to the mortal.
So that we have a single tracks to our deserved portal.

Let us pour our hearts on these waste papers.
So that after death words rise and shine in form of vapour.

Let us defeat our pains and all the undeserved sorrow.
So that here in this bleeding world would be no tommorow.

Let us smile instead maybe to face what we are meant to.
So that we aren’t cowards and tell them the truth.

Train tracks

Thoughts so strong,
Like train tracks on the round,
Running trains on the wrong,
Moving every pebble around.

Train of heaviness sending an earthquake,
Moving thoughts of pebbles to an unbearable ache.

How does this incredible body gets heavy with something invisible?
This lies in my heart of hearts still questionable.

Still finding and discovering myself every minute,
Only knowing that I am closer to god who is more than infinite.
And everytime the train lays and runs on my quite track,
Leaving me more and more wrack.

But there all of it stops,
Where my lord is my cop.
Leaving me with Unlegit chance,
For big crimes and more for his trance.

So now I could be the train and thoughts could be the track so quite,

All moving in speed and cutting the air with all my might.