Like a flower

Everytime i bloomed as beautiful as a flower
You started plucking my petals
Testing whether i loved you or not
With each petal getting plucked, i saw,
I lost a piece of my peace,
And couldn’t stop
Until i lost myself completely.
Yet like an innocent flower,
I knew you would water me,
So i could bloom again in the sunshine
And you did pamper me a little
Which was too much for me
And i gave away the last of my fragrences to you,
So you could smell the bliss of my purity,
I gave away the beautiful colors to your visuals,
So you could see what potential of colors i saw in me,
I left my stem and my roots to ornament your hands,
So you could hold me with care and keep me by your side.
But you left me in the night when i dried out of feelings and went numb,
And like another chapter of your human life,
Crushed me forever between the pages of your notebook,
Where i lie dead of everything that i ever was.

The knife of neglect

How deep does the knife of neglect sow into ones heart? How bad does one get affected from the actions of the people around them whilst one sits in silence watching and bottling oneself of the inhumane society, all scratching the grounds for attention, love, and all that fills them with the fear of being alone. And the loners sit aside in solidarity trying to make their world inside a shell a beautiful place to be. So, what if one day you get out of the shell, speak, cry and behave as if you have a condition you cant explain. Its all in the mind they say but its all in the behavior is what is what it is. And then when your soul and mind gets naked, so so naked that you don’t know the cloth of your hidden personality is ripped of by you in full confidence in the people around you, and you had no idea that you had lost yourself in the process you start again to gather them and run towards your shell which is long gone. Maybe destroyed, you struggle to build it again. This time you adjust, you smile again, like the joker, hiding whats inside you, still rise again knowing no one’s got your back cause god gave you your own personal inserted spine and you have to use that. No one has the power to neglect you, no one got the guts to break into your extraordinary mind of lotus and mud and overflow the mud inside your mind and make you drown. No! It shouldn’t happen that way. Its the art and the skills to shield yourself from that knife which would probably kill your soft kind heart and mould you into a monster. Your worth is so much more than the knife, you are so strong that even the sharpest blade fails to kill you and its time to show the world that you are immortal, immortal of the mental killings the world might do to you, so immortal that they have to hold on think thrice before attacking you. You are a wonder and no one, i repeat no one got the strength to touch that corner of your heart and mind where your kindness begins. Be the donor not the begger!

Tracks of mind

My mind lingers to numerous thoughts and all at once and I wonder as to where do these various thoughts actually gather up and make me feel full at one time. Well, after much analysis I started to realize that there this one particular thought which I focus on and it’s always on my mind. Nothing of much importance but my emotions may be reason of it’s focus. Anyways, the thing is they are crisscrossed or I may say a mind of a woman. They lead to ways further and backwards and it’s amazing. There are two people that hold my mind and it’s thoughts : one of them is highly independent with no barriers and thinks what it feels like and what it wants and the other one is my inner voice which has held on to morals I don’t know since when but damn I am lucky to have it cause it has given me a true friend forever. That’s it for today after so many days. Adios!

Stuck in the maze

It was never about the way my kisses flew in vain in the dark of the night,

But about the lover who wouldn’t reciprocate it out of plight.

And this world was a burning devious mess,

Hiding the little left angelic bless.

Why did I ever commit the sin of loving you,

Loosing myself as the wind of sheer betrayal blew.

Where do lost people in the maze of minds roam?

Or do they just make those mazes their home?

It suffocates without a person to pull me out,

Lend me a hand, please, out of this loveless drought.

Scratching, running and panting of thirst,

Will no one ever quench me out of this maze so cursed?

Exams done, strength back to place. Thankyou all for being there all the way in my wordpress family and I extend my warmest regards to each and everyone of you reading this. It’s better not to wait for inspiration and keep writing as one steps in the journey of building itself again. Will be writing more randomly.

Happy Winters!

Observers and the observed

It’s been more than a while since I have been inactive on my blog. The reason maybe lack of immense inspiration to write (which is the soul ingredient Which makes me write) or a satisfied life where I am letting things happen as they are and I don’t really need to express my views on things or maybe I haven’t got views around me or views in me, whatever it is I strive to be back on this amazing home I have created for myself and interact with you people once again, so

Welcome back, dear fellow bloggers and Thankyou for being all the way till now. You, the person reading this, have supported me really in every way I can think on WordPress and in a different world and it means the world to me.

I have seen people give life updates on various social sites when they have been away from the existing and I have a crave to update my very present here as to leave every millisecond while writing the next word.

So I sit here on the stairs, it’s quite around me but chaotic in the far. I see so many girls around me talking on the phone and chirping like little happy birds after a long tiring day. There is this girl who is swinging her hinged door back and forth with her toe and I can’t figure out what amuses her. There is another girl who sits under the tree and sings, probably listening to songs. She has a beautiful voice. I tried to sit beside her and listen but she prefers to sing alone. She has her own world I guess.

I observe one thing which is common, everyone as happy as they seem to be are holding cellphones in their hands or pockets. I wonder how does this virtual thing separates us from reality which is, accepted, not very good but it’s real. We all here lack physical connection with people who are around us. I read a quote few days before which said that there are people who are so closed up and open only if you were interested in them and you would know that they are amazing.

We have peculiar ways to see the world through our eyes which make up the way we invest logics and emotions on various issues and day to day talks. I attended an Model United Nations aka. MUN in my university and learned and discovered how mesmerizing the delegates were. I thought what a waste of time my life was when I did nothing and only if we had more sessions like these I could be more exploring on things that matter. It showed me two things I aspire to do, for the world and for me. Things for the world, issues that need to be solved only to make the world a better place and things for me, to make myself a better person and give myself to the world to make the world a better place because of me.

Anyways, this is just another initial post to inspire me to write more on topics and fluctuate more so I can conclude myself sooner or later when the time is right. Hope you all doing alright? Please express what your present is right now, I would love to read and talk about it.

Three day lyrical challenge- Day 2

I was nominated for this challenge a while ago and couldn’t complete it though it was in my mind. So I was recently listening to a song and I instantly thought of including it in my challenge because the after thoughts about it made me think about it for hours. Here it goes:

Song: If you are over me by Years and years

It’s like thunder and lightning
You hurt me without trying
A tempest, you was rising
And no I don’t like to be this way
And you’re Jekyll and Hyde-ing
Are you real or are you lying?
So stop with your crying
I can’t handle it now
You tell everyone our love went cold
Going ’round, spreading the word, it’s over
If that’s how you feel then you should go
Don’t come around saying, “I still want you”
One minute you say we’re a team
Then you’re telling me you can’t breathe
Well you should set me free
Baby, if you’re over me
Yesterday you said I’m the one
But now you say you’re done
Stop telling me what I need
Baby, if you’re over me
There you go, there, I said it
Don’t look at me all offended
You played games and it ended
I’ve got to look out for me
I won’t say that it’s easy
All I know I hate leaving
But you can’t keep deceiving
Does it make you feel good?
You tell everyone our love went cold
Going around, spreading the word, it’s over
If that’s how you feel then you should go
Don’t come around saying, “I still want you”
One minute you say we’re a team
Then you’re telling me you can’t breathe
Well you should set me free
Baby, if you’re over me
Yesterday you said I’m the one
But now you say you’re done
Stop telling me what I need
Baby, if you’re over me
If you’re over me
If you’re over me
Stop telling me what I need
Baby, if you’re over me
How long can a love remain?
Time never could heal this pain
I thought I believed in fate
Oh, it’s so cruel
No, nothing for us would change
Same story, the same mistake
This heart just wants to break
Oh, one minute you say we’re a team
Then you’re telling me you can’t breathe
Well you should set me free
Baby, if you’re over me
Yesterday you said I’m the one
But now you say you’re done
Stop telling me what I need
Baby, if you’re over me
Just go if it’s over
Just go if it’s over
Just go if it’s over
Baby, if you’re over me
Just go if it’s over
Just go if it’s over
Just go if it’s over
Baby, if you’re over me

So this song gave my mind two things to think of:

1) What if the world was without emotions? (tell me what you think about it)

2) No person in this world is your prisoner or owned by you.

About emotions, well it’s the most complicated topic I have stressed upon. There would be ample of decrease in things that involve everything negative. Though there is more to it. Maybe people would be intellectuals and world would exist because of the purpose of developing and maintaining. There will be duties and not attachments. Emotions are beautiful feature that is embedded in us but it prisons us. It controls us no matter what. Many control it to the highest known level, many cannot bear them and others let it flow. The song above simply states the frustration of an unstable behavior.

No person is your prisoner. We know some people want to own other people. Get possessive of them. They want to control in a way that the significant other is more like a puppet rather then a significant. Every person has a unique body, an identity and oneself. No other person can control them or I would say has the right to control. It not exactly being a slave and offering services to the dominant one but being emotionally Locked to the other that you have a major impact on others behavior patterns. This song wouldn’t have been written if the writer was free of emotional attatchments which is basically a burden. Solve Your Own problems and to maintain your unique identity always try to keep your mind stable enough.

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Unheard screams

Nothing else does give me shivers down the spine till my feet collect themselves, than watching innocent beasts with their searching eyes only going to get slaughtered to pieces to fill stomachs.

Pray, not for peace of their souls which had no ultimate meaning but for those hands to shake and eyes to water before they get stained of blood and sin.

Three day lyrical challenge – Day 1

When I scrolling through lyrical challenges I was tagged by my two wonderful fellow bloggers Zakhana and Just_Me:) for this challenge. I gladly accepted it and want you people to know about them in brief because they are such contrasted and amazing writers.

Zakhana is probably a teenage who I have been following for a long time and Whenver she expresses herself that’s how the truth of daily life makes you realise how fun it is. She is funny, interesting and makes you laugh with her every line while you can’t stop smiling.

Whereas, Just_Me:) is again an amazing blogger who may make you look through quotes and writings in a way you won’t have seen it before. He shows other sides of simple quotes and adds his sugar and spice which still remains a mystery how does he find it😅. Please join their journeys to experience a different bliss in your WordPress social life. (I apologize in advance if I’m any way I displayed the wrong gender. I am not aware😬)


To choose from many favorites here is my first one:

Brother – Kodaline

When we were young we were the ones
The kings and queens oh yeah, we ruled the world
We smoked cigarettes man no regrets
Wish I could relive every single word
We’ve taken different paths
And travelled different roads
I know we’ll always end up on the same one when we’re old
And when you’re in the trenches
And you’re under fire I will cover you
If I was dying on my knees
You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I’d give you my lungs so you could breathe
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
Oh brother, we’ll go deeper than the ink
Beneath the skin of our tattoos
Though we don’t share the same blood
You’re my brother and I love you that’s the truth
We’re living different lives
Heaven only knows
If we’ll make it back With all our fingers and our toes
5 years, 20 years, come back
It will always be the same
If I was dying on my knees
You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I would give you my lungs so you could breathe
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
And if we hit on troubled water
I’ll be the one to keep you warm and safe
And we’ll be carrying each other
Until we say goodbye on our dying day
Because I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
If I was dying on my knees
You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I would give you my lungs so you could breathe
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er
I’ve got you brother-er-er-er

Lot to say, this was a song I instantly liked though I never really pay attention to lyrics, but this did steal my attention. Wheather it was the dominance of lyrics over tunes or my own interest. The song reminds me of relationship, some rare ones which never Change no matter if time flows, there is distance, or a thousand misunderstandings. Some relationships where blood and bones don’t matter. This song is about brothers of not the same blood still the love and care that flourishes is that of like blood brothers. Where even after death of the elder one, the smaller one feels his soul alive with him. That’s not some kind of hallucination but how someone impacts you to your core that you feel the presence of him/her/it in your entire life. The tunes and words flow perfectly with each other in accordance, and the lyrics grabs the very attention of its listener. When I think deeper about it, people who sweat and strive just to make our survival a pleasant one on this planet are the ones, who do not speak of sacrifices yet die on moment for us, are the ones worth living for. They should be the ones we give our lives in return to. Reminds me of my god like parents who wherever I go will cross my path and rip their hearts to give me life. This lyric challenge is dedicated to them. Value the people around who care for you. Stay alert enough to know the right people to hold on upon. “You never know when you loose diamonds looking for jewels in mines.”

This song is not about closeness, love and a story but of sacrifice, value and life path.

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Hope you take the challenge!

Kathiawari horses a heritage

This is a different post but why not when this is how you grew up amongst.

I have been a horse person for I don’t remember, for about 15 years, the day I knew animals are all I care about and beings on earth who I can naturally and honestly connect to. I started horse riding at the age of 13 and continued till the age of 16, till then I was well polished and had a constant zest for it. I left it at the age of 17 and I don’t think I am going to leave it completly. It’s something I will start again in a month or two.

My father has struggled to keep intact the purity and bloodline of an Indian bred horse known as the Kathiawari Horse. The breed is known for its immense loyalty and history in serving royals and soldiers in wars. It has been a struggle to maintain it and hardwork gives results which takes years. And it did.

Indian breed of horses have been of money interest lately with trading them in harsh conditions and roughning and toughning them for sports. There has been an awakening for the preservence of various breeds of horses around the country.

The Kathiawari horses have been existing with popularly known as Kathi’s or warrior clan on horses, originally. Many relate the horse to Arabian originated blood which is a myth and should be understood sensibly. The breed has its pure origin and with no cross breeding. There has been mixing of various breeds and breed standereds which kind of depletes the quality of breed. In India, when it comes to horses, people have been longing to own one demanding horse for the horse market or to own horses for name and fame. Very few want to really work towards it and maintain them and love them. Because Animals need love and care. The day you think yourself as an authority and owner, will be the day you loose the very affection that is unique and rare.

Strive is a fruit bearing tree. Today to look at India and it’s culture comes an everyday program at some villages where people gather and hear the stories of bravery and valor of historical personalities which remain dead in the progressing India. We are taught about Mahatma Gandhi, about revolts and movements that happened, about some known historical figures which cannot forgotten in our lifetime whilst leaving other brave fighters who fought on head-up horses and mares only to preserve what has been theirs and others for generations. These stories and poems and shayaris are still sung and narrated with spirited and enthusiastic people when people gather to hear about their ancestors in villages. Even if they are uneducated by some means but they carry the real treasure of India which has been buried almost and preserves in their minds and hearts.

The stories which tell us how these mentally and physically strong horses and mares remained in the very care and authority of their fellow humans supporting them like spines when the time came. Songs which bloom hearts and erect goosebumps of these horses and mares and their endless service to mankind.

We don’t know the history yet. We don’t know it all. Or maybe we will never know until we take interest and are not proud by words but proud in our hearts of these people who won’t ever be written in books in the deep digging of Google or by stories heard by lucky travellers.

I hope people become more aware and affectionate towards these beings and not only drop their saliva for their value and upcoming fame. But for being their proud “preservers” and help these precious from near extinction. Help treasure from leaving the world because trust me we will be poor.

Hail the Kathiawari, live long tge Kathiawari!!

Days on the hills

Mountains outline
Revealing the black clouds looks just fine

Tears on the edge
Falling down like ice against sledge

Starless sky
Shining my eyes for a long gaze, oh my

Ghostly trees
Shadowing the ground so neat

Endless road
Taking the fleshes to nowhere aboard

Window pane
Driving my head inside making insane

Sweet melodies
Singing lullabies for a deprived sleep only

Fallen leaves
Whirling and rolling away from the heap

Night owls
Still cuddled out the Wolf howls

My dreams
Waking me up to a new ray and a beam.