Soul that shrieks

I thought I was obsessed. But no my body performed compulsions. I felt desperate, I felt possesive. I felt and wished the sphere of mine I sowed and watered would never extend and keep internally growing, the soul of my sphere growing sinless-everyday. But I realised I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help myself beacuse the world is a nasty place and we all know it. I took the world a bitter place but people have sweet hearts. They occupy people even if it affects their personal space. Maybe I am too selfish to adjust with the sweet hearts but definitely I am not a bitter heart because atleast I pretend. My heart? Its HEAVY! If I do no wrong I believe I will get the fruit. And I know I will. I haven’t come in this karma clan. If I did it will pay me. To the lord of universe grant me all the power to cope up with little minute things which affect me so much, give me the strength to never to disown those who I have loved and given my everything in life in here.


The Almighty

There was a time I was unaware of myself. When now I give my time to nature I realise the mature part of me. I can discover some unknown places in my heart. Today when I sit again on the grey edge, practically uncomfortable but never leaving me I find a big part of me given to the almighty. Yes he is all mighty. I had enough of him when I lost his near and touched form and when I went away I saw how half broken I became. I saw the unknown part in me which was his. He was in me. I could feel it everytime I did something wrong. I was blessed to take birth and become a part of such a holy family tree but did I fulfill the holiness inherited? I did not blindly believe in him. Many a times I was blocked from my motive because others accompnying me were blocked. I didn’t knew whatever I did was it right? I was quite mature for it. My inner voice which was so clear few years ago had slowly and steadily faded. It was rather possible to bring it back ony through devotion and lots of devotion. Fortunately, he will be the one always who would pull me up from the pits in my clear path to the abode of the greatest of all. 

To the lord of universe.

The Last Letter

I know it may sound ‘RIDICULOUS’ and a letter to laugh upon further , but its better to know things about your best friend , right? I am your best friend. I have been completly happy and awesome these years but yes I won’t say no complains.Afterall even I am a human and a human is never satisfied. I am an extremely introvert person in your words ‘stupid’  but I see and perceive things in a very diffent way as every human is unique. I like making stranger friends , I don’t fall for anyone , and I am “formally” social on social networking sites. The reason is being formal is one of the grounds that I am allowed to surf and use social networking sites. So even if I sound  a little carefree on such sites to you it would definitely sound serious  to others and I cannot tolerate it.I know you are science scholars but then respect what I study , it  is nothing to look down upon, its not easy. Nothing is easy. Plus adding to this I can only be an outgoing person between you people and not any other person in the world.I also know this will change your perception towards me but this is me.My mood changes -inside. I do not show it. You can try to take my things into serious consideration? I am still the peak  of iceberg that you know rest lies immersed in the ocean of my thoughts. I choose to be calm and become a good listener than becoming a good speaker. For me Jaw-Jaw is better than War-War. I try to cool down heated matters than getting hyper and panicked like you people. You cannot compel me to show attitude or taunt. I cannot change myself. I know whatever you do is good for me and for my benefit. But, isn’t it better to be yourself? Lets adjust! I wish you could read this and get to know how insanely crazy I am. I am going to majorly miss you both. For now, people who are same and in the same team cause destruction (you) its better to  have someone who can deter you!(me) ­čÖé 


#happyrealisation #trainofthoughtscannotstop


Democracy at a clear stake

So here back in India, nothing is right. Yes I was the one who agreed Mr. Narendra modi’s decision being correct. But no I did not think of it to such a large extent. 

My sincere apologies to the statement. Well here it goes that something was not right with this enormous decision. How could he do this in one night. Similarly happened in India during the heartbreaking partition. Giving 50days to exchange your money with the bank  and nothing is going according to the procedure. Well even if they have taken a decision so at least implementation should be in a flow. 

Now let’s say about the people in poverty? The people below poverty line! What about them. Okay, taking a very small example-people who must have fixed their daughters marriages and saved some amount of money for the marriage ceremony, what about them? What will they do? Is the money black? Folks, if this step was taken then their should be procedure laid down to recover it. But no Mr. PM is paying a VISIT to Thailand and Japan. 

My staff who is so deprived of basic facilities or I must say he doesn’t even accepts the facilities given to him by us was saving his money for last three years and now he has collected an amount of Rs. 80,000. 

OK, so these examples basically sum up the condition of people psychologically and their perspective on this ‘SHOCK THERAPY’.

It was a good step taken but first catch holds of the income tax, sales and goods department. Corruption starts there. I am not completely negetive but showing one of the aspects of this step. 

Shock therapy 

Elected on in the US and one in New Delhi. Thanks you India for taking such foolish steps. We cut the branch on which we are sitting. 

Trump win projects  quality of moral and ethical value humans carry nowadays. He has risen the global danger due to his denial. He will be punishing the vegans too. This should be openly said because he is going to affect my country and my people. We are going to get drowned in the river of destruction and inhumanity. We all know that America is one of the most seductive powers in the world. 

Here back in India, we are facing a shock therapy of the shifting of our currency value. Well this step contains pros and cons in it self. I agree this should have been done because to remove corruption, of course. People are facing charges for investing money more than 2.25lacs, yes! Now this is what I call using powers in an effective way.