Democracy at a clear stake

So here back in India, nothing is right. Yes I was the one who agreed Mr. Narendra modi’s decision being correct. But no I did not think of it to such a large extent. 

My sincere apologies to the statement. Well here it goes that something was not right with this enormous decision. How could he do this in one night. Similarly happened in India during the heartbreaking partition. Giving 50days to exchange your money with the bank  and nothing is going according to the procedure. Well even if they have taken a decision so at least implementation should be in a flow. 

Now let’s say about the people in poverty? The people below poverty line! What about them. Okay, taking a very small example-people who must have fixed their daughters marriages and saved some amount of money for the marriage ceremony, what about them? What will they do? Is the money black? Folks, if this step was taken then their should be procedure laid down to recover it. But no Mr. PM is paying a VISIT to Thailand and Japan. 

My staff who is so deprived of basic facilities or I must say he doesn’t even accepts the facilities given to him by us was saving his money for last three years and now he has collected an amount of Rs. 80,000. 

OK, so these examples basically sum up the condition of people psychologically and their perspective on this ‘SHOCK THERAPY’.

It was a good step taken but first catch holds of the income tax, sales and goods department. Corruption starts there. I am not completely negetive but showing one of the aspects of this step. 


18 thoughts on “Democracy at a clear stake

  1. Well friend what you are trying to say here is right to an extent and also is is just your initial reaction in panic maybe, buy what I think personally is the timing of such a announcement was the key.
    If they would have given some time then all those people would have not been caught off guard. If you follow the policies of this government, in last few years you will realize it was a huge plan implemented in steps so that the honest guys of this country don’t face the consequences of it.
    They made every one compulsory to open a bank account even the poorer guys and then linked it with their adhaar card and then announced such a decision.
    I think we must educate the people who are working on daily wages and make them understand the importance of this decision and also help them out from their situation if possible.
    I am not the hardcore supporter of this government but I appreciate and do support their decision.
    One more thing, one of my friend pointed our to me yesterday that he has not seen any politicians, businessman or the so called rich guys standing in line and changing their money. An acute observation, I must say!!!!!

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  2. You are right good friend. What I want to put up is the way, the method it was laid down. It was somewhere breathtaking.
    No doubt black would be caught up but in the same way black would be exchanged with the white.
    I am seeing the practical aspect basically. What are the people facing and what are the consequences. Yes, the honest ones won’t be facing such a big shock.
    But this plan should have been giving a certain structure of the after effects.
    And yes Education is the strongest weapon of it. See India is yet a developing country and people here are not educated. It still is mostly populated by the villages and many of them don’t yet know what is happening,exactly. People are committing suicides due such a action. Yes, may those people be the one stashed with black.
    This plan may absolutely be a great deal but this country has two classes–the elite ones and the poor ones. Good for the elite but he poor? People who are employed and work on daily wages would be deprived of job security. Either make the population educated and after that implement this policy not now. This should have been done after a certain span of time. We should make them aware of this. I know all this would be settled soon but let’s think present. Haha!! The observation of your friend happened with me too😂

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  3. Waiting till the whole population of India is educated is simply not possible. Anyways I do agree that this plan of government has not been completely successful, the implementation has gone wrong a bit.
    Let’s give some time and then see how it goes.
    Till then let’s help each other and specially the needy ones. 😊

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  4. Please help whichever ways possible to support such good initiatives from govt. (irrespective of party politics). Each of should analyze and see what do we do for our country. Please do read, support those who are facing issues due this step, help them get accounts and also provide awareness. Also all our constructive criticism should be given to PMO or govt through various channels like mygovt, PMO applications. It is very easy these days. We also need to learn such steps. Like
    Thank you for your post with a common person view. We need to be inclusive to excel as a country. I think, we are changing, changing on a positive path for the goodness of our country and people….

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      1. Very good. Please keep voicing out common and under privileged people of country. At the same time, please take actions and trigger actions in others to help them. It can be very small step like helping a worker or maid around to save some money through an account… Or get some changed currency in the current situation, if they need. Love your compassion. Keep Smiling and Keep Shining!

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      2. Hi, Happy New Year! 😇
        There are great people in thia world.. Their compassion and noble actions make this world still a place to live. We try to learn from them and see whether anything possible from us… Babysteps! Anyways, appreciate your kind heart! Good luck.

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