This little creature ate up our grapevines


My intuition told me I am an Introvert . 

Let’s talk personality. 

Years ago, a famous psychologist Carl Jung gave the theory of introversion  and extraversion. According to him,Introverts are people who are less social or may withdraw themselves from the society, as well as they are shy. Well,   few people count up to be  completely introverts or extroverts. Even introverts are extroverts to their close ones. 

Usually, introverts are neglected between humans. Thus, they build a world of their own and keep living in that shell. They want to raise their opinion but cannot put the right words. They are capable of adapting extraversion temporarily for the sake of things they consider important. 

Though I knew by heart that I am an Introvert but eventually I took a psychological test which measures introversion, extraversion, and ambivalence. Definitely the scale dropped me to medium introversion. Yes, I couldn’t speak in the public, between a group of people. I am more of a listener than a speaker. I tried to improve myself and I did. People were suspicious of me which of course lead me to distress but how to overcome it I learned it by my own. I never burdened anyone by my thoughts but kept it to myself, I never loose myself socially. People conclude my silence as my burdened frustration. No I am happy. I just don’t want to speak uselessly. Doesn’t it happens? This platform gave me an opportunity to express my personality in a way. Thanks to Jung to give us an identity and the extroverts of course,and distinguishing us. 

We just don’t think out loud. People remain clueless of us, anyways that’s none of our concern but then the next stage is making assumptions, pinpointing this is what annoys. I like reading books, writing stories which I don’t want to open, diary entry which unburdens me. We are like icebergs, exposing tip of our thoughts the rest if either immersed in water or in the head. Situations like being in a social gathering and feeling anxious plus wishing to get to your home and catch up the Internet is what mostly happens is an example out here. 

Would like all introverts to open up and brace themselves for more struggles nd stroms to come. Your voice is needed to give a touch to wrong and to turn it to right direction. Lets join hands. 


Diwali has it all

First a fall A very Happy Diwali to all my dear bloggers and friends.Diwali is a festival spreading joy and quoting accomplishment of good over evil,knowledge over ignorance and hope over despair. 

It is  our main festival and we celebrate it by distributing sweets, and lighting Diyas. Historically the significance of celebrating Diwali traces back to the ancient times when Lord Ram returned from Lanka after rescuing his  wife Site from the clutches of the demon Ravan.His arrival to his native place Ayodhya made people overjoyed and they decorated the entire city with earthen lamps and illuminated it like never before.  This is one of the marking reasons for celebration of Deepavali. 

After many years of this tradition being followed as the way it was made during the era of Lord Ram, a new tradition started – the burning of firecrackers. There is no description of use of firecrackers before the Mugal period in India. The introduction of firecrackers was done by two brothers Ayya Nadar and Shanmuga Nadar who planted the seed phenomenon of Diwali Firecrackers today. 

This is not our tradition, not our culture. Just for the feast of our eyes we burn these disastorous crackers. I know our heart flutters while seeing those colourful sparkles in the sky.Ever wondered what are it’s disadvantages caused to the environment, the living beings and the animals? I know every coin has two sides-one positive and another negetive. But it is our responsibility of making positive heavier than the negetive side. 

The stray animals, our neighbours who may be asleep after hectic day must be asleep. Those innocent animals who have no idea of what is going on dare not to come out of their sheds due to the sound of crackers, little animal kids if born during that day would die due to such heavy pollution and irresistible sound of crackers. Next, most firework industries employ child labour in making hazardous crackers. Where does Air pollution done in tons go? Is it a festival of lights or pollution festival? Some of you want proofs for everything,  so here it is. 

If you are reading this and if it changes your mind,  I would really appreciate you as you have taken a big step towards the preservation of our mother Earth. Please do not burn crackers this Diwali.Your religion won’t be affected or if it does it promotes harm to the survival. 

Lastly, being a Hindu I would say we were never primitive, and consider all living things equivalent. Do nothing that cause tremble to especially birds and animals.

Let us look at both sides of the coin without fooling ourselves. Wishing you all a very prosperous, eco-friendly and a Happy Diwali.🎊 

Where our country disintegrates? 

West is so hegemonic today that our school books have 85% of knowledge based on Western monopoly of power. Our books,  specific newspapers and other magazines are published by the western writers. 

My country and my people speak against our ancient culture which was struggled to be preserved by our freedom fighters. This is not the country our leaders wanted. The leaders like Nehru, Gandhi, Bhagat Singh,Shashtriji, Mangal Pandey wanted a free and United India but no,our country youth is leading us somewhere else. Those leaders of that times were so patriotic they sacrificed their lives for the good of our countrymen but watch out, our present leaders who cannot rationally debate on certain issues. 

Speaking   US soft power. A girl studying in D. P.S Delhi belongs to a middle class traditional family. Her parents persuade her not to wear jeans during their visit to temples but she clearly denies and says her friends will be laughing at her in her traditional attire. What’s wrong?  Don’t Indian dresses look graceful on everyone? 

India is a rising power but not a developing country in terms of culture and hard power. Respect! This is what Bharat is made of,  this is our richness, this is what will bring peace and harmony to my country,  my people. Yes,  it starts with me and you not others first. 

Book review :Humans of New York stories

I know this is already a trending book. But I wanted to write a review on it. 

Looking at the pictures which had captions gave a story in the pictures itself and  was an thrilling  experience.

However, the captions were featured as at times both funny, inspiring and heartwarming.

It was seriously impossible to put down a book like this.Books like these should never have an ending. Sincere thanks to Brandon Stanton for compiling his pictures and outfit this perfect book. 

I am still in an awe of this book and I highly recommend to give this book one a go. 

What do Hindu texts say about Multiverse? 

 An image Lord Vishnu shows him sleeping and there are lots of bubbles around him and each of these bubbles represent universes. 

What the Western scientists had
discovered in the 19th century, and
which our 21st-century eminent scientists
like Stephen Hawking and Dr Michio
have now affirmed and corroborate, is a
twice-told tale for the great majority of
the Hindus. That there are multiple or
innumerable universes is no news to the
Hindu who is learned in the Hindu
scriptures. Not just one but
several Puranas, viz., Vishnu Purana,
Srimad Bhagavatam, Padma Purana and
Vayu Purana, and authoritative Hindu
scriptures like Atharva Veda have spoken
of the different universes.

Every universe is covered by seven layers
— earth, water, fire, air, sky, the total
energy and false ego — each ten times
greater than the previous one. There are
innumerable universes besides this one,
and although they are unlimitedly large,
they move about like atoms in You.
Therefore You are called unlimited
( Srimad Bhagavatam 6.16.37 )

This mysterious insect?? 

I saw this new to my eye insect on my shade in the corner. It was sticked to the roof cloth for several hours. My grandpa said it is not an insect found in this area,but found in the Amazon forests! Can anyone of you can identify this creepy insect and tell me about. I am already curious 😅