The art of playing with words

How pleasing are the gifts which we can touch? Oh wait, does it draws more pleasure to you than the gifts we feel, listen, consume in our minds?Here I the gifts that we feel are referred to words. The alluring day when this world was turned upside down when words touched the winds of earth.

So now it’s a freezing winter noon and I am packed up in my cosy bed wondering about the wonder of words. Words, oh! beautiful words being property of beautiful minded writers like you and others. Those aesthetically woven minds of the past who left words for the the present minds to entwine. It’s not only us who speak words but while earth rotates there is a echo of the word : “Om”. Sounds interesting?

Words are a unique creation which pulls out inner energies and amazing ideas in real form. I have been an introvert person and am not yet completely studied to the art of playing with words but my staircase to WordPress was a diary which I maintained for few recent years of my life until I spilled more on pages. My dearest diary was an initiative and a success to introduce myself to the art of playing with words. My diary was like a gunpoint on my head shooting bullets and my head out with feelings and thoughts. Since the day my hand everyday pulls out thoughts from the locked parts of my brain and subconscious mind for more words and thoughts to bring in on the light of my eyes and get further processed for you to read.

I don’t really recognise the activity I am bound to which makes it a little hard for me to write forever like a dream. Invisible pressures I can’t count on🧐 but it does not stop me from writing my heart and mind out . I wish from a wish granting factory if it exists to let give papers to people to spill willingly their painful or happy hearts out in order to provide oxygen to their frustrated minds.

How hectic is this life for you to stop you from being magician of words? What an irony is it for me that I would leave question mark on the end of this write up for you to answer whilst I hated the chapter on the Indus Valley civilisation which had Question mark on each paragraph on the end. Anyways I am curious to know more about you my dear reader how easy is it with words? What are words for you? Creative thinking in me pops out when I am in a moving car when do your thoughts pop out? During a shower? Or time in the park? Or some other inhabited place? Do answer:)


16 thoughts on “The art of playing with words

  1. I too love playing with words but not as good as you are πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Often my energies, mood are blockers and historically, I was at my best only when I was in a good mood and positive mind set. I do write mostly in the night when its all calm and serene, the idea/topic though would have sprouted anytime in the past. You might be surprised if I say some of my writings are result of sheer frustration and depression as well πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha! I don’t really know how to play with words I have just started.
      And the same happens with me where my mood is a major blocker of my hands and my mind. But in contrary to it I would prefer to write more when my mind isn’t calm, and night is the best time to think and explore words. Oh! I ain’t surprised cause this is the situation with me too. But anyways thankyou for sharing your valuable thoughts. Happy writing!

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