Amount of knowledge

Would you be more interested to interact with a person with same amount of knowledge as you or with a person who has more knowledge than you?


23 thoughts on “Amount of knowledge

    1. True and agree with you. Wisdom is very rare but isn’t it that during a discussion of knowledge you at certain points gain wisdom? So these both are connected! So would you like to put an answer to this question in some other way knowing wisdom would be in knowledge?

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      1. Knowledge is essential, no doubt about that. But as far as my experience goes the most knowledgeable person need not be the wisest the lot. Compare the wisdom of say, Mahatma Gandhi (try overlooking his shortcomings for a while) and, say the best contemporary Indian bureaucrat employed by the British Govt. The bureaucrat might’ve possessed more knowledge, but Gandhi would be leagues ahead of that guy as far as wisdom goes. That’s my take on this.

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      2. Yeah I guess Gandhi suits to this situation. And well I absolutely agree with you on the fact that wisdom is more important than knowledge and thus it’s a component of wisdom. On the contrary just like a person who would mug up things in head would be called knowledgable but would not be wise enough to apply it practically. Thank you for sharing your valuable thought.

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      1. Ouch.
        I would. But that takes a lot of effort and most importantly getting used to. It’s a long process and over all, finding that matching persona is another struggle altogether mostly because it is not as easy to take the first step for an introvert.

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      2. Agreed. Just in case I was thinking if I cross by a person suddenly who fits me I would instantly share my thoughts on flow. Practically, it’s is certainly a struggle to find a like minded easily. Being an introvert is itself a big struggle but there were times when I interacted with people who took the first step and made it easy for me go with the flow. Just like we are interacting right now. Thank you for opening and sharing your opinion:)


    1. Haha! Point! Well I would interact first and after that I would like to converse more knowing the amount of knowledge. This was a general question , like after an observation we can’t figure out how comfortable is the person to talk with ,isn’t it?

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  1. Maybe when the ego part is plugged in to the conversation, it would be a bit difficult to start a conversation with a more knowledgeable person.. but on a long run, that would become much more comfortable

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    1. Ahh! That’s true. It happens. There is also a time when the person would show ego even after not knowing certain things. They just can’t accept the fact that though they are more knowledgeable there must be things they don’t know. But I also agree that the ego can be compromised on the long run. Also it’s beautiful to find a person with more knowledge and no ego.

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  2. Knowledge is in many forms, it may be spiritual, technical, political, national, global, fashion, books and the list goes on. So, first line of filter lies in knowledge of what and us it the topic of my interest? Then it can not be quantified easily as more or less. I may be knowing 100 things and probably you may be knowing just one thing that I do not know, so of course I will be interested in knowing that one thing even when I know 100 extra.. So ultimately it is all about what extra other person knows on my topic of interest. And yes, sharing goes both ways, so I will be equally happy to share what I know with others.

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    1. You got the point and a really satisfying reply:) sure knowledge differs person to person and there is no fixed amount. So basically you will love to interact without seeing the amount? Because you will know there may be things that person knows that you are unaware of. Thankyou for your views:)

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