My sins incriminate me!

Today I incriminate myself , like the bloody hands of a murderer!

I look through the eyes of death and see a deceased heart bleeding with a constant supported pumping.

To them, whose hearts were invisible to me ; are perhaps stopped by me ,

I am a god fearing human , with a pot full of sins ready to drown me.

I, because , had two voices , where the devious was unknown ,

And the divine voice roamed in the garden’s of their hearts.

Now I am pulled back to the extinct days which has casted its shadow on my instants ,

My present stands with an empty stained hand hereby.

Still celebrating the years ahead , to wash that blood in my hand ,

And let my heart blossom the bleeding hearts ,to bring them to healing again.


26 thoughts on “My sins incriminate me!

      1. My wife loves to have people around for Christmas and so it was dinner party after dinner party for all the days of the season. It was nice actually but by the time it finishes (and it’s still happening – there’s another party today at 1pm) I’ll be ready for some ‘me time’. Horses? Do you ride? I tried once on my sister’s horse and it was good, but it turns out I’m allergic. 🙂

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      2. So it has been a much social Christmas! Sounds good you had a lovely Christmas 🙂 now new year awaits!yay😁. Anyways you got a series of parties to attend and sweat,haha! It’s gonna be great 👍🏻 enjoy to the fullest though:) yeah I am rider and have been riding for years that’s my ‘me time’. You did? Now that you are allergic try to break out for something else, just saying. It was good to hear you are having a great time. Good day!

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      3. I’m in the library. I’ve escaped for a short time. But soon – the phone will ring and it will be my wife wondering where I am and where we can meet up and then I know exactly what she will want to do – SHOPPING! Such fun!! 😀
        I wonder if I can get a horse shaved so that I can ride it. Perhaps it’s better to wait for summer so that the poor thing can be warm. You have a name for your favourite horse?
        And there – as predicted – I have a text from my wife … two texts … oh joy! 🙂

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      4. Books are certainly an escape! During my childhood I wondered having a small personal cabin with only books around me and reading with a hot cup of coffee and with no one pinging me around. So what did you read recently?
        Women and shopping 🙂 I understand what crave that is , haha! Anyways it’s fun;)
        Shaving a horse 😅damn that makes me imagine it but horses are beautiful as they are. Maybe someday soon you would be able to ride one for a long friendly ride. And if you visit Mount Abu I can certainly give you a good ride on one of my horses, don’t worry they are well behaved and a smart breed. Maybe then? I don’t really have a favourite horse but the one I ride usually she is named as Alisha❤️
        Have Fun Robert,

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      5. That cabin sounds wonderful. I think that I would enjoy that too. 😇 But I fear that I would soon get bored. 😈
        I’ve been reading books on how to set up a business. I need to stop actually because I’m spending so much time reading them that it’s taking time away from actually setting the business up! I’m a bit if a procrastinator like that. Other than that, I’m working, starting up my blogging again, working on getting a six pack (this is to do with a muscular abdomen rather than a pack of six cans of drink) and watching a TV series called Vikings (I watch this on Amazon Prime while I’m washing the dinner plates etc.) Life is good. 🤸
        When I get back to India, I’ll take you up on your offer of a ride. I just need antihistamine and I’ll be fine so don’t concern yourself with shaving Alisha. 🐎
        I haven’t drunk coffee for years. Doesn’t it get you hyper? I prefer a weak cup of hot, milky tea. Englishman to the core. 😉
        Have a lovely evening, morning, day, night.
        Kindness – Robert.

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      6. A business? Phew.. now that’s something I would like to buy time for. And yes setting up a business by reading such books would consume much time practically doing so. If you are thinking of doing so that costs time. How about a book cafe? Sounds good,huh?
        Thinking of a gym? Now that means you are going to loose sweat and exhaust initially. I thought about it sometime before but yeah it turned out to be kind of jolly for me cause I could not afford to wake up early before the sun so I buried the idea , haha! I wasn’t really aspired but I hope you will be able to catch up really good. Yeah I heard about Vikings and started to see it. It was amazing. I loved Alyssa Sutherland, she is beautiful and her expressions. She is a model probably:\
        No ,no I won’t be shaving Alisha of course or cannot imagine to do anything like that 😂,but do come:) No coffee for YEARS? That blows me. Maybe you are not fond of it? Go have a sip or two sometime. It’s like a addiction to me 😁but make tea not war;) Have a great day ahead 🙂 and yes a very Happy New Year🎉

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      7. A book café, hmm – how would that work? There are lots and lots of cafes in York and I bet that that a lot of the people sat in them with laptops are writing a book. I should get the owners of all the cafes to put up a sign offering my services as a publisher and bookseller (that’s what the business is for). Sound good? 🙂
        Not doing the exercise in a gym – I’m using an app from Runtastic called Six Pack. It’s quite hard work but I’m sure it’ll be worth it next time I hit the beach, which’ll be March, in the Caribbean. So no – no getting up early for me (apart from the usual 4am meditation of course). I’m pretty sure that you’re young and fit enough already so not necessary for you to join the gym quite just yet. Just keep walking and riding regularly, and go easy on the Chhena Malpua. 😉
        And yes, Alyssa Sutherland is nice looking, but I prefer Katheryn Winnick to be honest (Ragnar’s first wife). She looks more homely and … real.
        Coffee is not something that pulls me. But chocolate on the other hand – that’s a real problem for me. Addiction city! Trouble is, it makes me moody. Imagine you at a certain time of the month and you’ll understand what I mean. 😀
        Hope your Friday is going well. Plans for the weekend?

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      8. Living in the hills I don’t really have an idea of a book cafe but sounds amazing building creative in York city. Sounds great! Solitary writers in a cafe with laptops in a cafe would certainly be writing books and your offer for such services would do good and work out!
        Looks great working out and building yourself for a long term plan. Nah! I don’t wanna join gym I prefer sports for now and later too maybe ,that means riding and training my mare with has its own satisfying advantages. How great is that? Chhena Malpua?😅maybe it’s a food item but what is that?
        Ah yes! Katheryn Winnick is kind of godly -that’s a heavy word but yes:) Alyssa was more noticed to me cause I saw her excellent photo shoot program with new models on television so..but don’t find her beautiful just wonderful and first!
        Yeah just read your post on chocolates and your years old belt chocolate seems to be a positive problem😋coffee was just an accident on me during my exams which kept me awake. And now it’s a little craze in me. Yeah I do and will understand haha!
        Friday went how did your day go? Felt flown out with your posts on the blog? Happy more writing! No plans everyday is a gift for me with lovely beings in the farm. Hope the secret project is going well 🧐

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      9. A kind of a ‘longing’ wakes in me when I hear you talk of life on the farm and in the hills and with you mare. Sounds like a more natural life than I have and it’s something that a part of me craves. I’m sure that there are advantages and disadvantages to that life and that my life too has ups and downs. But that kind of thinking (the grass is greener over there) is silly. I chose to be born here for good reasons and I just have to work through them. Life here is easy. Or, it’s as easy as I choose to make it. Or maybe – it’s as easy as I choose to think it is. I’ve been reading a book about joy by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu and they agree that the surest path to joy (a better kind of happiness) is through connecting with people. I feel better when I help people than when I stay at home watching Vikings. So why don’t I get out more? Maybe some kind of a fear. But fear of what? Obligation mostly I think. Too deep?
        On a completely different note – Malpua is just what you need to warm your heart on a cold, winter’s day … this is a traditional favourite in Rajasthani households, especially during the unrelenting winter days. 🙂
        How did my Friday go? Well, it kind of tiptoed out of bed at 6am, swept its way through various room including the kitchen and then swooshed its way to work, wound back through the darkened streets of York, whooshed some food into my body (pizza I think) and then whomped back upstairs and into bed by 11pm. Something like that. What do you do on a typical weekend?
        The secret project is still secret. 😀
        Does your spirit like being aesthetic? What would you be like if you were not?
        Hope you’re having a beautiful day.
        Kindness – Robert.

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      10. I completely understand. That life has its own comforts and good reasons. I have lived in a city for years. It was good and satisfying. It’s like I had everything for me, especially crossword where I used to spend my weekend. Life has its own adjustments and comforts where we live:) but it’s beautiful being in touch with people like you and others on WordPress who have mesmerising minds. Yeah there are ups and downs and we have to go on. Spending time in a farm ,as I have heard, is something many people long for. Haha! Grass isn’t greener, just like everywhere and just how fields are, grace to god here are no wet rice fields where mosquitoes feed on us! Feel lucky enough..but I bet you will have another trip to India particularly here in Mount Abu,Rajasthan with your wife and it’s an open invitation to spend some time in my farm. I read a summary of this book of joy in a library shelf somewhere I don’t really remember. But what can be better than reading a book and watching series? I just asked my mother about ‘Malpua’ and she said it’s a sweet and I have had it before and it’s funny I never knew the name or maybe I didn’t care to ask about it. There is virtual kind of being out also that is blogging.. you go out and connect with strangers all around the world, isn’t it? I once had an interview with a monk or should o called pre-monk? He was a college professor, maybe that was the first time I actually had a good-deep-random talk with a stranger. Really comfortable and I look forward to have more “good talks”😊
        Good to hear about your Friday:) typical winter day!
        No I ain’t asking what is the secret project but just asking if it’s going well? My spirit does like being aesthetic, that keeps my spirit up. Even if my spirit was not aesthetic much I wouldn’t care I believe in god who keeps me up. He is my spirit🙂.
        Yeah I had a great day! Hope your winters are going cosy? What are your top ten choice of books? I would love to know:)

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      11. Interesting thread of thought you took me on there – like a ride on a bus through a landscape filled with life and happiness. I thank you. It’s good to find people that are generous enough to let one into their heart and walk around for a while. I feel that this is a skill I lack. So many locked doors and blind windows. Still, I make the most of what I can prise open. 🙂
        The project is going well on one level – we had a meeting with a venture capitalist about it this morning and they have agreed, on principle, to give us funding. Aside from that, it’s hit a quiet spell at the moment. Christmas is a difficult time to work up enthusiasm for anything but meeting up with people and eating too much. Still, it’ll pick up again. No rush.
        Top ten books? Wow – that’s a difficult question. I read voraciously (108 per year) and so it’s hard to pick only ten.
        I’ve always like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books – so that’s five there straight away! 🙂 Other books that spring to mind are The Martian by Andy Weir (it was made into a movie too), Shōgun by James Clavell (I love anything about strangers in strange lands), Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel (credited with introducing Zen to the West – and I’m a sucker for anything Zen related), The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories by Christopher Booker (a great 750+ page book on how to write) … but now I imagine that this list is boring you. One man’s book is surely another woman’s doorstop. What do you really want to know about me? I mean – really, really. 🙂

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      12. Your welcome:) Nay! It’s no skill. Skill can be nothing more than making the most with what we have.
        Congratulations! For the funding:) looks like things are going great. There Christmas must be lively there to do multiple tasking.
        108? Since when have you set up such plan?But I mean wow just 12 months and 108 books sounds as if you are a fast reader! I wonder when my day will come haha!
        Oh great you chose top ten!It wouldn’t have been easy but I haven’t read any of them just know about The Martian. I don’t know about others and thank you for introducing me to some great sounding books, I think I should sometime read -the Seven Basic Plots, that may help me began. How can any book be boring? Just the genre differs. I am already knowing you:) and trust me while I was away for a year I used to read your blog on google with all the months listed since 2016 and I guess I have by now read all of the posts till now. I want to know do you want to be an author or are you an author?

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      13. I am an author. I have even published a book (on Amazon). I’m going to publish a slew of stuff soon, so start saving up your spending money. 😉
        I’ve been reading 108 books per year for the past five years or so. They are all cataloged on Goodreads if you want to take a look. Let me know and I’ll send you the link.
        Which blog have you read? I have a couple, both of which have several hundred posts. 🙂
        And no – books are never boring! 😀

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      14. Really? Nice to meet you again:) What is the books name that you have published? And yes I am already saving money for more books so don’t worry.
        Yeah send me the link I would like to take a look 👀!
        Oh! I have read all the posts on WordPress since April 2016. They were so interesting you see. I read all this on browser on google. Named as-levishedated. Spelled right? So yeah I have quite been inspired by your writings and referred them too.


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