Where does the good go?

So here I am sitting in my car enjoying the hills and coolness of the winds which touches my face sweetly like a kiss and thinking beyond the psychology of the human mind.The word “good” has a definition which is near to extinction. This world is a nasty place to be. As thoughts flow from one mind to the other there is a decrease in the quality of its nectar. The passing of ideas, affection ,and teaching is stuck to an age and when the minds develops to a greater age we teach ourselves. Our eyes see the realities of this harsh world which is so impure to our pure minds. It is so selfish of us to do the good for a bad motive and our own emotional rollercoaster. The real good which has a good motive is strongly criticised because of the wrong thinking that have rooted our minds. The concept of exploring things beyond the horizons has changed its way. Here is a short example:

Everyday walking through the streets of dust and under the scorching heat of the sun is a father who has spend his youth and his present old just to make the world a better place. No it’s not social but a deed that balances good of humanity. It’s been ages to him which has drawn lines of happiness in his life but the sorrow is still buried under those lines. The woes that he carries is because he only made his world a better place but the rest of the world in motion seems to only move pebbles by his deeds like hitting of an earthquake and settling to the same state again.

Several good people die who have done the right in their lives. You still don’t know what’s the right? These good folks knew that this life was given for a purpose. They had faith beyond reality ,they believed in what naked eyes could not see. These people had no physical pats on their back but praises from the virtual world. But when they slept forever on their deathbeds they had a smile which said -“I left my purpose fulfilled just to sleep on the lap of god.To really rest my soul as small as an atom,so that it does not have to give pain to any other bodies in the womb.” ‘Eat, sleep, earn ,repeat’ does not fills the pot of life it’s something else. You have your life and your body and you know what to do with it!


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