Soul that shrieks

I thought I was obsessed. But no my body performed compulsions. I felt desperate, I felt possesive. I felt and wished the sphere of mine I sowed and watered would never extend and keep internally growing, the soul of my sphere growing sinless-everyday. But I realised I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help myself beacuse the world is a nasty place and we all know it. I took the world a bitter place but people have sweet hearts. They occupy people even if it affects their personal space. Maybe I am too selfish to adjust with the sweet hearts but definitely I am not a bitter heart because atleast I pretend. My heart? Its HEAVY! If I do no wrong I believe I will get the fruit. And I know I will. I haven’t come in this karma clan. If I did it will pay me. To the lord of universe grant me all the power to cope up with little minute things which affect me so much, give me the strength to never to disown those who I have loved and given my everything in life in here.


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