The Almighty

There was a time I was unaware of myself. When now I give my time to nature I realise the mature part of me. I can discover some unknown places in my heart. Today when I sit again on the grey edge, practically uncomfortable but never leaving me I find a big part of me given to the almighty. Yes he is all mighty. I had enough of him when I lost his near and touched form and when I went away I saw how half broken I became. I saw the unknown part in me which was his. He was in me. I could feel it everytime I did something wrong. I was blessed to take birth and become a part of such a holy family tree but did I fulfill the holiness inherited? I did not blindly believe in him. Many a times I was blocked from my motive because others accompnying me were blocked. I didn’t knew whatever I did was it right? I was quite mature for it. My inner voice which was so clear few years ago had slowly and steadily faded. It was rather possible to bring it back ony through devotion and lots of devotion. Fortunately, he will be the one always who would pull me up from the pits in my clear path to the abode of the greatest of all. 

To the lord of universe.


10 thoughts on “The Almighty

      1. According to me we have a soul which has derived from god himself which enters a body and performs karma. Once we are aware of the right and the wrong it is us who strives to gain ultimate Moksha. So basically what I want to say is we learn from wrong and with his voice in our hearts we know our paths. He is there to stop and warn. God is not a nessesity but he is the one who guides my soul. Well opinion differs πŸ™‚

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