My intuition told me I am an Introvert . 

Let’s talk personality. 

Years ago, a famous psychologist Carl Jung gave the theory of introversion  and extraversion. According to him,Introverts are people who are less social or may withdraw themselves from the society, as well as they are shy. Well,   few people count up to be  completely introverts or extroverts. Even introverts are extroverts to their close ones. 

Usually, introverts are neglected between humans. Thus, they build a world of their own and keep living in that shell. They want to raise their opinion but cannot put the right words. They are capable of adapting extraversion temporarily for the sake of things they consider important. 

Though I knew by heart that I am an Introvert but eventually I took a psychological test which measures introversion, extraversion, and ambivalence. Definitely the scale dropped me to medium introversion. Yes, I couldn’t speak in the public, between a group of people. I am more of a listener than a speaker. I tried to improve myself and I did. People were suspicious of me which of course lead me to distress but how to overcome it I learned it by my own. I never burdened anyone by my thoughts but kept it to myself, I never loose myself socially. People conclude my silence as my burdened frustration. No I am happy. I just don’t want to speak uselessly. Doesn’t it happens? This platform gave me an opportunity to express my personality in a way. Thanks to Jung to give us an identity and the extroverts of course,and distinguishing us. 

We just don’t think out loud. People remain clueless of us, anyways that’s none of our concern but then the next stage is making assumptions, pinpointing this is what annoys. I like reading books, writing stories which I don’t want to open, diary entry which unburdens me. We are like icebergs, exposing tip of our thoughts the rest if either immersed in water or in the head. Situations like being in a social gathering and feeling anxious plus wishing to get to your home and catch up the Internet is what mostly happens is an example out here. 

Would like all introverts to open up and brace themselves for more struggles nd stroms to come. Your voice is needed to give a touch to wrong and to turn it to right direction. Lets join hands. 



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