Where our country disintegrates? 

West is so hegemonic today that our school books have 85% of knowledge based on Western monopoly of power. Our books,  specific newspapers and other magazines are published by the western writers. 

My country and my people speak against our ancient culture which was struggled to be preserved by our freedom fighters. This is not the country our leaders wanted. The leaders like Nehru, Gandhi, Bhagat Singh,Shashtriji, Mangal Pandey wanted a free and United India but no,our country youth is leading us somewhere else. Those leaders of that times were so patriotic they sacrificed their lives for the good of our countrymen but watch out, our present leaders who cannot rationally debate on certain issues. 

Speaking   US soft power. A girl studying in D. P.S Delhi belongs to a middle class traditional family. Her parents persuade her not to wear jeans during their visit to temples but she clearly denies and says her friends will be laughing at her in her traditional attire. What’s wrong?  Don’t Indian dresses look graceful on everyone? 

India is a rising power but not a developing country in terms of culture and hard power. Respect! This is what Bharat is made of,  this is our richness, this is what will bring peace and harmony to my country,  my people. Yes,  it starts with me and you not others first. 


5 thoughts on “Where our country disintegrates? 

  1. It is today’s youth world wide who should be powerfully demonstrating their willingness to oppose any, and everything “American.” America is a corrupt, dying dinosaur full of hypocrisy, of lies, of war crimes and its people are slovenly, ignorant, brutal, gun-loving, racist, gross and increasingly uneducated. Why would any youth of any country anywhere want to emulate such a thing? Can’t they see what “America’s” military is doing to the world? Do they think that’s an OK thing to do?

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  2. No, very few people.Others they do not think of this rather they are running behind this world power called “America”. Degrees like MBA were originated in America were 18% of Indians are MBA’s, because of this people who can afford least education leave their interests and go for achieving a degree in US.


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