Television boycott 

What really changed the people of our nation? 

Those endless, foolish, super time waster, family breaking TV soaps.  

That is what we need to boycott upon.  It is more dangerous than foreign artists. 


20 thoughts on “Television boycott 

      1. Your first post has a way that someone can click on say the edit and get into your site….I would just eliminate the first that wordpress puts up for you when you sign up…..your boycott post is fine the one before opens your site up…..did that help? chuq

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  1. Yes it did help me. Thankyou so much lobotero!! I joined myself for spending my time in writing things in the air. I am already following you.. Thankyou again. Goodluck.
    P.S.-what is chuq? 😅


  2. The problem is that we do never learn or see the good part of the other cultures and what we try to learn is the part that exhibit their bad nature…we can’t just blame others for changing us into what we see today…
    For an example I say the women gets raped outside and the chief reason everyone cries after all the drama is that she was wearing the unsuitable western style that caused the culprit to do it.And what really is the funny part is that people just neglect the fact that the reason for just a doing is society is because of the suppressed sexual mentality of people especially of our country ..

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  3. True on your part Anand. Today women security is a national issue. People criticize others and never look up to themselves, for example in kashmir many people have weapons of destruction but the people who are caught are tagged as terrorist. Being a citizen of this country I also take the blame for certain things. Here people are narrow minded. Children or young adults cannot even share or gain basic sex knowledge just because parents feel awkward and portray this topic as secretive. This thing is so suppressed in their minds that one girl cannot walk with a boy of her age whether he is brother, cousin or a boyfriend,people take it as a relationship. And this is a matter of fact.


  4. I think this began as a discussion on TV boycott. Seriously, I’ve boycotted – TOTALLY – TV for 40 years now. What amazes me when I visit a home, or sit in a public place and TV is on, is why any intelligent person would even want to look at that shallow, mindless drivel. It’s not even good entertainment.

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